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I have a few quirks, but good or bad I have not discussed them with the people that matter so I feel I can’t blog about them. But I can say I do not like when people just post other people stuff on facebook. I feel like I was willing to befriend you because you are original and creative even inspiring.

Now its one thing to repost a recipe if you made it and really liked it. I can handle that. But I choose to not watch the news for my own reasons so it doesn’t help to repost what I choose not to watch on facebook. Everybody is creative, they just need to tap into it and let it out. Originality goes a lot farther than copying.

Wow just started typing and there it goes. I was just going to say is it wrong to refill a booze bottle after it is empty? If you paid 200 or more for it would it not be better to refill it even if stuff is cheaper? It could be used as a decanter right? Who is to judge? I have tossed out so many fancy bottles that it makes me wonder. Could have a impressive looking bar, and possible offend someone at the same time. But I guess in that case my response would be as it always would be. GET OUT!

Just thoughts my friends, not to be taken seriously.

via Quirk of Habit | The Daily Post.

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