Another Night of Never Again | The Daily Post

This is a very sensitive subject for me. Inside my brain there is a door that every once in a while needs to be opened only to shove a “I will never do that again” memory inside. Hoping that your friends that are with you will be so obliged to do the same.

This is never the case though it seems your friends think this was the greatest night of their lives and will tell this story over and over to any sucker, hobo or anyone they think knows you.

I in turn end up with the feeling every time you sit to enjoy a frosty mug of beer get asked by your bartender (up until this point you think is the best bartender in the world) what happened last weekend.

Nearly choking on that first sip you kindly reply. I will never do that again! Hoping that it can just be left at that. As you scan the room though you know by that grim smirk on everyones face that at some point before you arrived the cat has left the bag.

So for this daily challenge I will choose to take the easy route out and say that I hope I will never break my leg again. Probably the most boring story that I could badger up but still when I run across someone that I know I am asked “How many beers did you have before that”.

This should be a true insult except well I did have three beers before I slipped and broke my leg, mind you it was a few hours before but still. And it should not even matter that the beers I consumed were lager than average and started at 7am. Some times it is challenging to meet up with your fellow third shifters.

I say that I write this as fiction only to the fact that I really am not shy about telling these stories to anyone. I do require though, when telling my stories that I will be looking you in the eyes. Mostly for the reason that I am hoping you will be laughing hysterically, crying, mad, or just plain feeling sorry for me. In this you will probably in some way feel obliged to purchase my next drink or even in the rare case my hole tab.

via Never Again | The Daily Post.


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