Eating Before Drinking Sometimes Pays Off

Seems fitting that I am hungover as I write something for Valentine’s Day for my wife. Why  wouldn’t it I was hungover when I first met her in Seattle and needed to eat before going to the bar with friends. So it was in the restaurant that I met my wife.

Maybe this is why when my friends called yesterday to go out I was frothing at the mouth waiting for them to get me.

I am actually against valentine’s Day. As I feel this is society’s way of telling you to do something special. Doing something special? Hey dummy this is what you should be doing everyday to show respect to that special someone.

IMG_2682 (1)
Early on we started growing together, creating that relationship. Knowing that a lot of changes were going to happen in our future.

I always think you can go out and have that special night any day of the year. Or stay home cook a special meal, enjoy a glass of wine (or bottle, bottles). Do you really need a calendar to reminded of this. I would hope not.

IMG_2672 (1)
After Bonus was with us we were able to enjoy. Here we started to travel in the same direction. Building our ever changing story.

Buy flowers are you kidding me? Oh I used to buy these. But it was words of wisdom from my mother in law that stopped me from this. “You can’t eat flowers” she said. Please do not get me wrong if my kids want to buy flowers I will purchase any bouquet they choose. You just won’t see me standing in line on February 13th or 14th looking pathetic with all the other chumps getting that last minute bouquet at the grocery store hoping to be the casanova of the year.

IMG_2685 (1)
Now days more than ever it feels that we have melted into one. Always helping each other to make our day to day activities easier. I know we say it every day but I truly love you.

So maybe I am the grinch of Valentine’s Day, I don’t mind I am glad that I can express my views and not be punished for them. Some couples whole relationship can be destroyed over a blundered valentine’s Day. But not my relationship no way. This is why after my friends picked me up to go drink, I had them stop at the store. So I could crutch my butt in and by heart shaped boxes full of chocolates and if my hands could have held them I would have maybe pick up a bouquet of roses for the loves of my life who waited for my return.

Happy Valentine Day.


3 thoughts on “Eating Before Drinking Sometimes Pays Off

    1. Thank You, and yes the hangover is rapidly leaving. It has been a great day with family. My twin boys have become quite good at finding the girls chocolate, as I seem pretty good at stepping on the ones they spit out. Happy Valentine’s Day back to you.

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