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Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I have been asked this every life I live almost to the point I refuse to answer this question. Then I realize it must be another life.

Over the lives it seems they all blend together and only a few things have traveled through time. Like hanging with the vikings, the bronze age in general was a rough one, or when I met the guillotine “even today I swear I did not take that pig” but made for a quick trip I guess. How about when we discovered the americas’s, unbelievable how the history books got that one wrong. If I remember right I believe I fought a few of the same war on opposite sides

What I really want to start controlling is what I come back as, for instance I feel like I spent a century returning as a insect only to be splat or depending on the country I showed up in cooked for dinner.

I never felt I did enough wrong to become an insect. But who is to judge, just be happy your back.

via Karma Chameleon | The Daily Post.

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