Drawing a Major Blank | The Daily Post

I feel this would be a topic that I excel in, but I am drawing a blank. Probably after I post this I will think oh I should have wrote this or that. Sorry folks.

Usually words flow out of my mouth naturally and very seldom to I walk away thinking I should have said this or that, but some times I wish I would have said things differently and for some strange reason I feel it would have only added insult to the argument.

Just as I am about to hit the publish  button I though well what about today when after physical therapy I did not drive straight home but actually stopped at Logans Alley for a drink and the only other person at the bar was a guy who once offered me a ride on his racing yacht across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee. The only catch was I need to find my own way home. Not a problem for me but I never made the trip.

So today we talked about his new boat and what races he was going to be in. Then I finished my beer and left. I guess I wish that I would have asked “Would it be possible to get that ride across the lake still?”. But I did not.


via Drawing a Blank | The Daily Post.

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