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It you thinking legacy in terms of money well don’t expect much. If you’re thinking about it in a ancestry form you may be in luck. Though it maybe better if you skip over me and take the advice from the people around me.

I don’t even know what the appropriate kids age should be for me to tell them the junk I did. Or how to tell it. Maybe write in  song form.

Knot In The Devils Tail (Modern Version)

Buster Jiggs and Sandy Bob decided to hit the town

Once inside pretty girls were buying shots

This never happens so they couldn’t leave

Then they had to go for the bars about to close

but they weren’t done

slid to a stop just to buy more beer

Left the store way to fast blew threw a stop sign.

Cops seen this and gave a chase

Sandy bob unloaded the guns

But loaded them again realizing this may be the end

Some strange reason officer must have got the hint

He turned back around

we turned off the road and cut off the lights heading back home

Only stopped to blast a few rounds through a racist sign

Still smart enough to pick up casings

We hit the road singing and laughing as we went

This Never Happened

The only Legacy that I could hope for long after I am gone would be that my family sticks together and enjoys life together. I could not imagine life without family and friends. I would also say take what is good and change what is bad we all have the power to change our lives.

via Legacy | The Daily Post.

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