Go With The Flow | The Daily Post

068When I hear the word Flow instantly my mind thinks of a river, water flowing out to sea, boats flowing with or against its current. Man loves to try and control the river and some attempts seem successful but the river can’t be stopped only slowed down.

Rivers flowing bring us power and food from deep with in to the land around. Still today if you are around a river you seem to find yourself exploring, learning, discovering and creating.

Rivers leaving their own scars on the land can not compare to the scars that we leave on them. Dams alone have taken natural way of living away from us, plus put species of fish into non existence fashion. Not to mention some just created to attract recreational money.

In cases I would say that we have abused or privilege to interact with the river. Sometimes it warns us and flows over its banks or changes course. But it remains twisting and turning carving its way to the sea. Forever flowing for us.IMG_9470

via Flow | The Daily Post.


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