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I remember the first night or I should say first morning after moving into the Boeing Field Apartments. Walking down the alley that I would walk a thousand times to come on a normal grey Seattle day. Just getting under the underpass and in the distance I could feel someone staring at me.

This was not going to do! This was my neighbor hood now I had to let it be known that no mad dogging was going to work with me as I returned my own stare with the blood shot eyes from a long night of drinking.

My stare was not working this guy just kept coming back at me. What the hell was his problem I could tell he was not from this neighbor hood just his cloths alone told me that Obviously he was not here to purchase some coffee like I was hoping to accomplish. That is of course if I do not have to fight this guy who will not quit staring at me. Still to far away to say “What the Hell are You Looking At!” need to say this at a closer range so you do not show fear and also you need to be close enough so you don’t have the chance to run. True warrior fashion thats how I was rolling today.

Finally I reach the point when it is the perfect time to tell this jerk who still has not removed his eyes from mine and I know this for sure because I am staring back to a point that the wind is starting to bother my eyes and I would like nothing more to blink but I am not loosing this battle.

Just as I am about to let the words fly out of my mouth this guy cracks, cowardly he looks away from me and turns to walk the other direction. No doubt he is trying to get away before I can get ahold of him. As I keep advancing I notice he has some company logo on the back of his jacket. Thinking to myself this is good it I can’t catch him today I can go to his place of business and settle this matter in front of his co workers. Ha he will look the fool.

As I read the back of his jacket I see the word homicide detective, what kind of business is that. Then my brain sees the word “HOMICIDE DETECTIVE” and notices the crime tape all over the place and before I could get it together I find myself saying “I will take a tall regular coffee”. Getting my coffee I quickly head back to the apartment and wonder what kind of place did I move into.

When it comes to taking picture I alway hope that my kids notice that I do this as a form of entertainment. To try and capture the world how I see it. Not trying to change it but just trying to remember it for the world will change itself.

via Witness | The Daily Post.

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