I’m A Little Dirty | The Daily Post

You may think I am dirty because I have not showered yet. I don’t think shower is appropriate for going out and working in the yard. I do not believe wearing clean cloths is the best thing for working in the yard or around the house.

I shower before I go to work and I try to wear cloths that make it easy to walk through the produce section of a store and touch stuff without being asked to leave the store.

I never really dwell on what my attire should be. Usually in someway it is out of place. Most of my shopping comes from heavy metal concerts and bars. Every year I pick you a new pair of two of pants and shorts. Kmart usually provides the socks and crotch supporting garments. But when you lay them all together they never match.

So times I think about getting nicer stuff to help people not judge, like when you show up at your kids school with a Wally House of Booze shirt or one covered with Machine Guns. Or when you forget to take off the rope that you were using for a belt while working around the house. I mean I don’t mind showing a little plumbers crack but if for to long I feel I need to get paid.

The benefit to all of this non dress code dealings is when shopping the store usually provides you with a chaperone to make sure you pay for everything and if it’s a car lot well don’t have to worry about being bothered by the staff as you look for cars. After I buy the car though my friends first response is “where did you steal this” as he gets in the passenger seat and we speed off. Electronic store employees are sure you can’t afford anything so they over look you. And even the criminals pass you up to jack what looks like a more profitable target.

Do I care? Not in anyway but Dirty was the word for the day so I had to come up with something. I did not feel I am at the dirty old man stage yet to write about that but probably will be the next phase of my life. Also if the word would have been just dirt I would have written a whole different story.

via Dirty | The Daily Post.

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