Nerve No Longer Made Of Steel | The Daily Post

I used to have nerves of steel. Even more powerful than superman himself. I could not be fazed.

Then one child was added to my life. Now I had to worry about thinks like rent, food, money, good schools, even the thought of boy’s has entered my brain.

Next came a second child and my superpower strength weaken some more. Again I needed to worry about the same as above but add bigger place to live and sharing toys another birthday and so on.

For this I decided to test my superficial strength by adding a double to the family. This moment the mini van came into my life reducing all superhero status. Yet I still worry about all of the above plus making sure everyone has the same great adventure and nobody goes to bed upset.

Now days I find my nerves to be made of the material found around the iron ore but cast aside into the tailing of the mine. Yet nerves of steel was overrated anyway’s. I load up the mini van that cant seem to haul everything and load up the family giving the youngest dibs of the DVD player and head on down the road. Wondering when I’m I going to hear the classic question “are we there yet?”.

Life is good!

via Nerve | The Daily Post.

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