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If you’re a visual artist, share a series of photos or sketches that focus on different details of a larger scene.
Take us on a journey, one small scene at a time.

The calm before the storm may have ended. Still warm outside but the velocity of the wind has increased. Birds and squirrels have called it quits on gathering the sunflower seeds that are around the feeders. Every so often the force of the wind tries to blow down the house. Shingles on the roof lift slightly as Mother Nature decides our fate, yet they do their job and cling to the plywood beneath them providing us with another night of shelter.

No maybe it was a false alarm. The winds have died down and the birds and squirrels are madly gathering all the seeds that they can get their grip on. Scanning the yard things seem to be intact. Do not feel that I need to adjust anything. Just going to wait for the real storm that all my electronic devices have told me a storm is coming. Really I don’t have to trust that the plate in my leg hurts today must mean a cold front is coming. Or the fact that the local grocery store is packed with people stocking up on what looks like just about everything. Probably sound advice from their television set.

News company’s must make a hefty profit promoting panic and mayhem in people. I can all most see the marketing department a corporation sitting watching the weather report waiting for a natural disaster to arrive and then yelling at his office assistant to call the network and buy, buy ,buy. I could be over reacting since I don’t watch the news myself. But I will wait out this storm so I can give you a report of the destruction that is destine to drop upon us.

The rain is finally upon us but more just a good steady rain that will nourish the grounds with moisture vs. washing away the foundation and flooding the basement. I am glad for our storm warning systems just sometimes I think we over react with them. Now I need to go and feed the Alpacas that I bought in 1999 and sort through the seeds I stocked up on that same year, but still use to plant my garden. I just can’t remember what the fuss was about back then but it seemed like dooms day.image

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