Blogging Is No Joke

I have been on here for 3 months now and kinda think that i am getting the hand of blogging. I type faster and have improved my writing. Not to the point where I will be writing novels but I don’t make as many corrections as I used to.

People this is huge for me because writing is a weak point for me. You should see my emails they are strait to the point no sugar coating. My up lines love them because they can know if its good or bad on the floor without leaving their desk.

I would say the most that I have gained from starting this blog is being able to open up. I keep a lot inside. Only really share things with my wife. Oh yeah if you tell me a secret you can believe I tell my wife. We talk. But opening up to the public. WordPress has become a ย form of art for me.

A place I can go to and release my inner art, not really caring of the consequences but just letting it fly. I stay away from facebook with this early on I did this with facebook but when you post the best picture of a elephants private parts on your page and people come unglued I think great that is what I wanted. But I can’t stand the control that facebook has on the site these days so I no longer share.

Whatever I am giving this a go and enjoy doing this and find myself thinking about what to write next. I do have to say that I am skating the fine line between family and blogging but don’t worry family will win. For the most part I try to do all my blogging when the family is asleep and have learned to schedule things out so gives me more time to focus on living life.

Just like to say thank you to everyone I have met blogging and that I enjoy your creative thoughts and expressions that you have laid before me.

11 thoughts on “Blogging Is No Joke

  1. Blogging is habit forming. At my age blogging is medicine for my brain. It keeps my brain busy. I am not as forgetful. It doesn’t take me as long to think of a word that I want to use. For me, blogging is an exercise for mind strength.

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  2. Just so long as it continues to be fun, Ron, then Blogging is something that should be cherished. I’ve seen far too many people get stressed out with it for various reasons (e.g. can’t get enough followers, don’t have the time to read other blogs or answer comments, don’t have the time to do anything else) and they end up crashing out of the blogging world. When I first started to blog I was told that if was still blogging after two years then I’d probably never suffer blog burnout. I passed two years last month.

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    1. I feel like blogging has given me a channel to express myself. Purpose to promote art. And a reason to develop writing. I have been working on dividing time between writing and reading. Hope to make this work as long as we still communicate in this fashion. Thank you for encouraging me and for the photo challenge.

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