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First I would like to say that I do not believe anyone running for president would go in planning to destroy the country. But I woke up with this in my head and then I seen the word for the day was Help. Second I would like to say believe in yourself and don’t put to much in this story. I used Facebook, Rolling Stone and Bar talk to create this. It is just a humor opinion I really try to not write about politics. I appreciate people who stand up for what they believe most of the time.

In the current standings there is a chance that would could have a name erected above the white house. All of us will receive players cards. Halls that allowed public tours may have to be stopped to provide room for slot machines and roulette tables. Of course we will have cocktail waitresses and free drinks. This maybe our biggest economy boost we will see.

Then again maybe the vote doesn’t go that route. We have a person who made a name fighting for health care for America with great idea’s but in the end was shut down and sold out. Maybe we support corporate greed and can put billboards in the front lawn of the white house advertising pharmaceuticals company’s or cigar company’s.

No not your vote yet well the next one has some changing idea’s. But change is hard for beer swelling, potato chip eating, fluoride consuming American stuck in front of a TV set instructing on how reality should be handled. Do you really think you can compete with this.

Yet this leaves us with your average politician. You know the kind that can make things happen under the radar. Still able to skim off the top and come out looking good. Maybe not getting the press that is deserved but what do you expect with the compition around.

Sad to think things like racism are even an issue in this day and age. Or fear that people have every four years when elections come around. People who put their life in politics should have everyone life in mind and not just their own. Could you imagine if instead of fighting and name calling just tried to solve the problems and not pass blame. At the same time everyone should get off the sofa and just make an effort to rebuild this country and make things great.


via Help | The Daily Post.

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