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I used to hate seeing a car of truck with the words NO FEAR stuck to the window. To me that is saying that you have no fear and you must be the biggest bad ass at the same time then they get out of their car and set the car alarm. Wow you are scared someone is going to take your car. You have FEAR! Just so you don’t judge me on this opinion I had a 4 inch high bright yellow PUBLIC ENEMY sticker pasted to my window (20 years ago ) and well lets just say I talked to a lot of police during that time. Just be careful how you advertise yourself.

Even the bravest person we admire today has fear. It could be the fear of loneliness, fear of being broke, fear of fame, or fear of loosing fame. Or even you basic fears of the dark or boogie man. You name it we all have at least on.

Myself I have two for sure I fear snakes. Yes, those little slippery serpents make me a bit jumpy sometimes even get me into a scream and chicken dance. After about five or six minutes of this I see that the little devil is entertaining himself off my reactions I pull myself together and remove life from the little jokester.

One time while drinking I decided that I was going to cut the rattles off the rattlesnake that head was squished by a car. He was still trying to strike but not much success at it. I timed him out and when he stuck and missed I stepped on his head and reached down to cut the rattles off. Thinking how brave I must look to anyone who see’s. As I was just about to start cutting mr. snake had one more trick and wrapped himself around my boot. This of course instantly triggered the chicken dance times ten and screaming. One big kick like I was trying out for chorus line and the snake flew off my boot towards the ditch. I was back in my car driving home. Did not even speak of it to the passenger (probably laughing but not showing it).

I am also scared of heights. Yeah, I can’t believe it I trained people on scissor lifts and always seem to have to go high for something. My brother used to have me in all kinds of high spots when I used to do side jobs with him. But I could stand on a curb and start to feel like I am going to drop to my death.  If I do it a lot though it becomes ok. But I always notice that my toes clinch in my boots like a money in a tree.

I may have a few more but nothing really sticks out like the tope two. I will say living in Nevada actually help with the snakes a bit but why my love ones always want to test this fear is beyond me.Picture 670

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11 thoughts on “Fearless Not Always| The Daily Post

  1. Awesome! Really visualized the snake episode. I’d have freaked out worse than that. Heck, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to even step on its head and I’m not scared of snakes. I do have a high sense of self preservation when it comes to the poisonous ones though. 🙂 Thanks for an entertaining post!

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    1. Like I said liquid courage. I was in awe of the kid in Thailand handling the cobras. After the show he took the poison out of them. Of course I feel I may outlive him.

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      1. I’m thinking you may outlive him too. I wrote about a little liquid courage in my “fearless” post. It’s in no way a reference or slam on you. I didn’t even realize you’d been indulging before you met the rattlesnake. Guess I was too caught up in the wrapping of the boot.

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