Voice Is Dead | The Daily Post

On the crowed street  I wanted to be heard. It’s an important message that everyone should know. I jumped on the light pole and shouted it out. Loud and clear I thought I yelled.

Yet the reaction that I received was little more than a glance up from the phone then fingers moved madly back to the screen.Could they not hear me? Has my voice become weak?

I ran across the street into a church pushing open the doors I ran in screaming what I had to say. I could hear the echo so my voice must work. Looking towards the alter I could see everyone staring back at me. Quickly appologizing I returned to the street.

This time I found a little higher ground to stand out on and checked the direction of the wind to make sure I could be heard and belted out my words. Yet again, I received the same reactions. The same glance up from the cell phone then back to the fingers moving rapidly.

It broke me for I could not be heard, I screamed and yelled and people just passed me by staring at their phone. I began to cry and got a response as they passed by they showed me that back of their phone.

Some phones flashed and others did not. Some reason I was bringing them joy for after they held up their phone they laughed at me and returned to fingering the screen. I had enough I could not win.

When I returned to the bar they were all their. I guess that 2 for 1 special went out over the air. Not all was lost though a few from the church showed up too.


via Voice | The Daily Post


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