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One reason I like spring is the same reason I like fall. Colorful creations come from the earth. I have always been attracted to colors I am sure that I am not alone in this. Yet not everyone can share this.

Colorblind makes it difficult to see the simple pleasures that our around us. I can only imagine that you would still notice distinct lines in plants or art that make things standout. I also thought about putting something shine behind an art piece to help bring out the line and see if it would be more colorful for the color blind.

I know that I could take a picture and make it black and white. This is probably how it would look being colorblind. To me black and white show detail in shape, but when I take a picture it’s the color I see before I ever click the shutter to take the shot. IMG_1112

My wardrobe doesn’t match my feelings for color that is for sure. Just jeans and a T-shirt will do. Every so often I add a color, but only looks attractive dangling in the closet.

via Colorful | The Daily Post


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