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The moment in your brain when the light clicks on and the clarity begins. A clear path now lays in front of you and a sense of ease and progress flows undisturbed. In these moments your sense of accomplishment becomes heighten and you feel unstoppable.

First thing I would wonder is how did you get there. Probably with a plan and depending on how well it was put together is just around how long it will last. If you reach the esprit state life will feel great but you must be warned it is one feeling that wont last long. Mostly you hang just one step below. Not a bad place to be but doesn’t quite get all the endorphins release that sends you to a totally accomplished state of mind.

I myself stay a few below totally by choice for unless I am at work I do not plan. This would take the spontaneous out of my life. I like surprise and letting things just happen. With family now I do have to have some plan of how we will eat and sleep during a road trip but I  try to limit it to that.

I do enjoy the situation where clarity kicks in. Its just amazing how things flow when you know whats going on.

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