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Leaving here is what I need to do. Remove myself from this desk with piled with pictures, kids drawings, kid diapers, floss, wine opener,cd’s, books, kleenex, USB cables, swiss army knife, cameras and reading glasses.

Yes, I need to get away of course the camera and reading glasses will tag along one for pleasure and one to make sure I really see the map. Judging by the light dusting of snow that is falling on the ground I will have to head south.

Yes I think its time to get some real heat in my soul. Throwing three darts at the map hanging on the wall to start my adventure seems I will be going to Nogales, El Paso or Antarctica. Never was any good at darts.

I wonder how that big wall being built is coming along soon we will join the history books with the Great Wall and the Berlin Wall. Leaving far behind the though of Woodie Guthrie’s great song ” this land is your Land. This land is my land”. No longer will skipping border crossings and just driving that dirt road down to Mexico be possible. But that is beside the point it’s just that I want to go faraway and possibly stare over the Rio Grande not some false wall trapping me in as a human being.

Oh that is a mighty big Wall
Separating me
From family and friends
That live down below


That’s irrelevant for now I guess I just need to start driving and let all my inner thoughts fly outside. Today will be a new day possibly in a land Far Faraway.


The World Is Big
But Becomes Very Small
When You Build A Wall

via Faraway | The Daily Post


4 thoughts on “Faraway | The Daily Post

  1. The great American road trip…I don’t care where I go.

    The photo in the banner was cool. My first thought was, “Wow, he’s on the apex of the tallest causeway bridge in the world!” But as I look closer I wonder if you were in a parking lot on the other side of the channel.


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