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I have been listening to the Monkey Wrench Gang  on Audible and it reminds me of my introduction to Edward abbey.

I was living in Nevada and listening to shack the shack radio show on my way into Costco most likely to replenish the booze supplies. The show usually consist of rockabilly music, but today they were reading Edward Abbey over the air. My first impression was this guy was amazing, living free. Some of the stories I felt that I could closely relate.

I had to read this guy’s books. I had to make a trip into the city and hit up my local Barnes & Nobel who at the time was like the Starbucks of books though I have more respect for a corporate book store than the coffee company.

Going to book store did not always work for me. I love books and loved seeing other people’s enjoyment of books. Society standards is to be quiet in book stores. Seemingly I maybe incapable of being quiet. Unless of course I am hunting then I can silence my footsteps voice and breathing. That is till I shoot something then I mix ancient traditions with my modern upbringing like doing a worrier dance while chewing down raw liver and swilling colt 45.

I purchase my book Fools Progress and head out, not realizing that this book will influence my dream of solitude as with all Abbey books I don’t set them down till done. Actually making me the perfect book store person.

Needless to say I have read all of his books. I enjoy the fact he did not try to please anyone and even though many think of him as an environmentalist he himself only looked at it as protecting what he loved for himself. This gave me somewhat of a normal feeling to myself for I do believe that I see the world differently than most. I try not to accept anything unless it will benefit the people I care about the most.

In the end I can’t wait to load up the car and head back to the dry treeless lands with my family and show them things that I loved the most about it. Plus give us the chance to find things that we might love together or let them decide if this is even country that they can enjoy. No matter what there will be memories made.

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      1. We’re stockpiling some Costco stuff as we plan to have a neighborhood yard party if we ever get the 1) Deck put in, 2) Privacy fence stained and 3) House painted.


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