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It’s Tricky to rock around. Ah RUN DMC on of my favorite groups of all time. Of course I have long list of favorites.

Tricky is what I was going to be. I was showing my niece how to skateboard. A short walk up from my parents house was a hill and I was going to impress her with my riding skills. It had been years since I rode skateboards but I recently put one together and she had one so figured why wouldn’t we have some fun. She would only sit on her board so I figured this would be a good opportunity to kick it up a notch.

At the top of the hill I took off and wow did these high speed bearing work. continuously gain momentum. I had to start thinking to myself that I was moving a little faster than I expected. No problem though I would regain control at the bottom when it flattened out. That is when I noticed the speed bump coming up.

Why people need to put in speed bumps, everything would be so easy without them. I tried to power slide the board to slow down but my skill had left me and I flew off the board. At least I still had my falling skills. Spinning through the air I finally connected with the cement and eventually came to a stop.

Hopping back up to my feet I grabbed my board and started walking back up the hill to my niece who’s eyes were wide open in disbelief that I was still living much less walking. Some reason she had no desire to go down the hill after that and I believe she no longer had any interest in skateboarding after this.

I ended up with a hole in my elbow and I guess the tricky part was digging the rock out of it with a pair of tweezers. I probably should have went to the doctor for this but I am not much of a hospital person. Still have a nice little scar to remember this moment.


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