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Lets Hang the Ground Hog! My green is gone. Land is covered in cold and white. Just yesterday we talked about superstition and I forgot to mention the little hog who can tell our future by his shadow.

Funny thing is Future was a topic too so I guess not one of you mentioned our little hog who must have pulled strings with miss mother nature and now the land around my home is covered again in a blanket of cold fluffy white.

I myself must be able to predict for I posted a blog with the color green just the other day. Now how strange is that for those who don’t believe. My superstition that I perceive.IMG_3705

This was just my yard the day before. Of course I know the snow will go away. It just gave me a post for the day.

via Just A Touch Of Life – Progressing into Solitude

via Green | The Daily Post

via Future | The Daily Post


5 thoughts on “Green Is Gone | The Daily Post

  1. We’ve had very little snow this winter. I hope you enjoyed it! I always love waking up to fresh snow but maybe less so at this time of year – it’s finally starting to feel like spring!


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