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I used to think it was me but it happened to often and way to frequent. I would go to the garage to get a screwdriver Phillips head to be exact then go back inside and start to use it and would realize to was the wrong size. Returning to the garage I would grab another or maybe two go back in and complete the task.

Being busy I would put the screw drivers on the fridge and move right on to the next thing I would need to do. Then sometime down the road I would need that tool again. Returning to the garage I would see in the tool box that 3 were already gone.

No problem I think must be on the fridge. Returning to the house only to see only 1 screwdriver sits on top. Confront my wife as she reminds me that using screwdrivers is not part of her life. Must be the kids even though I kept them up high I sometimes see them use the chairs to climb up high.

I go to the living room and scan around checkout each and everyone but it’s just blank screen at electronic things that I see in their glare. I ask a bit but its slight shrugs get so I keep looking around. I check the electrical sockets and around the plumbing but nothing I can find.

It is impossible for me to believe that someone or something could have taken these things. I could have misplaced but I find that very unlikely for I follow the routine. Ok next task I think have to keep up a pace to get everything done. Take care of the yard and then go back to looking.

As I fire up the mower it has a strange clunk. I shut it down and look around. Low and behold sits a screwdriver on the floor now just about half ground. Funny I think for that to be around but its only one I have found. Still one missing I finish my task.

Returning to the house to continue my search I am informed by my kids that other things can’t be found. Ipod is missing and it was just right here. Charger cord is gone and I find it hard to believe. Baby bottles, favorite blankets and book have all vanished.

What is going on I think to myself. I return to the garage to get a flashlight and now it seems to have disappeared. Holy crap I think to myself blood pressure rising for nothing can be found. I go to the garage fridge to get a beer thinking its time to calm down and I’ll be damned if they are all gone.

What the hell I think only I drink beer. How could they be missing? Things are crazy right now, but first things first I need to calm down. I’ll go to the store and buy more beer. When I go to the counter to get my keys they seem to be missing. Totally unexplainable are these things.

I hear of alien abductions but I myself do not believe. Yet to many things seem to be misplaced and knobody knows why. Think I may call the hotline.


via Misplaced | The Daily Post

Piture from Dave French


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