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At a very young age I can remember the newspaper as a part of life. Even at this same young age I used to be a substitute delivery boy when the lead was on vacation or sick. At this same time I can’t say for sure that we had a color TV yet in our house. I know that they were being made just not sure our black and white was in bad enough shape to make it justifiable to purchase a new one.

I remember the Sunday paper the most that big thick pile that laid at your doorstep when you woke up. We would sit around as a family and go through it. Dad would take the first section, Mom would take the local news and the ads, my brother and I would take the comics then sift through the ads when my mom was finished with them. Always made useful these ads to promote your dreams of new toys out in the world. Once finished with the paper it became 1 of 2 things. First if it was winter it would be put next to the wood stove to create a fire later or it would be put into a brown paper grocery bag to get recycled later. Remember when we would get money for recycling.

Later once I started working papers became a conversation tool around the break room. It’s what you did on break. Reading whatever section you could and talking about it. Or checking the want ads, picking horses to bet on always showing the odds for the upcoming games giving you time to get ahold of your bookie and place your bets.

Today I no longer support the news feeling that I want to live a positive life style that revolves around my family and only try to relate to what goes on with in my current community. I do read a newspaper when I stay at a hotel usually it is the USA Today and I am sitting in the room drinking the coffee that is in the room and skim through the paper. Not nearly as fascinated by it as I used to be but still find it entertaining.

Some times when I am going through old boxes down in the basement I come across an item that is wrapped in old news paper and I find it fun to read what happened back when. I also like to read papers from small towns that still talk about the community as to what is going on. Where High School sports is a big thing and the kids playing are the stars of the paper. Or what so and so cooked for dinner last week. Or someone had a good day fishing the lake. I find that absolutely fascinating and wish everything could be so simple and positive. Maybe that is why the Funny Farm movie made me laugh so much.

But even myself I have turned my life to gather the information I seek from the Internet. It is just so convenient and handy plus I pay a premium to keep my speeds the fastest. When I travel though I try to get the papers for what is happening around town, for example The Stranger in Seattle in my opinion the only paper you need to know what is going down in the food, drinking, and entertainment community. I even used to wrap my Christmas gifts for friends with the transgender escort section of the paper.

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