Bedtime On The Road | The Daily Post

I despise that heavy feeling in my eyes. I try to keep them open but they moisten up and blur the scenery in front of me. I rub them to receive a few seconds of clarity but they moisten again sending my sight to blur.

The lines on the road separate into two. One hovers about six inches above the other. Again I rub my eyes to take the blur away and for a few seconds the lines merge back returning to one. Though in a minute or so they release themselves again into two. Starting of signs that another day is about to end.

My shoulders slump forward as my muscles look to relax. Tendons strain from picking up the extra load. Legs become cramp even though they have sat all day. Just working the gas and brake. They would like to be horizontal and straight as would the rest of me. In ideal conditions my head would be just slightly elevated by a soft pillow.

But I need to push on. These days I no longer sleep on the ground or in a car. Should be at the hotel before long. Turn off the heat, crack a window turn up the radio and sing along. This may help for a little while but usually not to long. Eat sunflower seeds and work over the shells. For some reason this works very well. My eyes dry up and the road becomes clear. I wish I did not get a room a few hours from here.

All I want to really say if you have to drive long keep a bag of sunflower seeds near and a cup for the shells helps too. In the end your tongue maybe raw from sorting the shells but your eyes will stay open and keep you above ground.IMG_5793

via Bedtime | The Daily Post

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