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It was snap that I heard as I fell to the ground on November 21 of last year. I crawled to the porch and lifted myself up and walked into the house. Sat on the couch and moved my foot around. Figured it was sprained so I left it at that. But four days later it was not getting any better. Went to the Dr. hoping to get a brace but was sent to emergency to receive a plate with screws.

Laid in the house for eight weeks straight would have gone┬ámad if I did not start this blog. Now its April and I just had the bottom screw taken out. This has really helped me walk around without the pain I had before. Can’t believe it’s been this long.

I can still hear the sound of snap in my mind. I hope with the garden it will be snap peas that bring me joy. I hope to be done with breaking bones and wish that no one else should have to deal with them. This is my last post I will ever do about my leg. I have moved on it just when I read the word snap it was the first thing that came to mind.

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