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Funny thing I wrote this about 12 hours before this was the topic of the day. Not really a focus on my identity but I did want to explain why some stories may seem………Let’s just say maybe not right.

It seems for me that opening up and being honest helps my blogs. Any story that I have blogged and thought to myself it was boring and kind of wish that I would not have published it was only because I was leaving parts of the story out because I did not want to involve my friends and was scared I guess.

So I have decided that I am going to write about a few of the things that I have done that may not be right but they were done and I delt with it and the consequences that was involved. I am not looking to be judged by the things I have done and I am definitely not writing this to encourage anyone in doing dumb things. What I am trying to do is write better.

I did not realize till I started blogging that I enjoy writing. I like the creative style that enters my head and I really find a sense of freedom by telling stories. As always I want to entertain the people who read the stuff I write but I have to say not everything I write about will be positive. But some of the things I lived and enjoyed the time doing them.

I know today that I am lucky to be alive and I cherish that I do not have to deal with the feelings that stuff I did could have ruined other people’s lives. Now I get to live forward and try to encourage my kids to pick a different path than I choose. With that being said I would never go back and change anything for I loved the adventure and the path that I was living. But I love the life that I am living now even more.

I am blessed that all my friends and family lived through these times and we concord them together and still get a few laughs out of them when we talk about them later. Sometimes it is embarrassing when you are around large groups of people and someone shouts out remember when Ron was being chased by the whole Auburn police force. But then the other side of me kicks in and enjoys telling the story.

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