Seasonal Disaster | The Daily Post

Disaster struck for many months now as I had to go underground. The ground itself on the top side was very cold. I had to stretch as far as I could down into the warmer earth  just above the clay line where I could still find some nourishment but because of the cold I went dormant and waited for the warm weather to awaken me.

I feel the water around my limbs and the dirt is becoming soft. Warm weather has begun and now it’s my time to bloom. pushing and stretching where I can some of me searching for food as I put my energy into new growth trying to push myself above the ground.

Ground itself has compressed from the frost and snow but a few worms passed by and provided a path that I push myself into on my journey above ground. Pushing with all my might I start to feel the heat from the outside daylight and yet it still gets cool from the night giving me a chance to take a break.

New day with new light brings new energy and might. As finally I break through the crust and push myself up above ground. Growing bulbs to entertain any humans who come around.IMG_4012

via Disaster | The Daily Post

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