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Lungs expanding bring me the needed supply of oxygen that I require to maintain existence then exhaling driving out the unneeded junk only to expanding again and exhale. A cycle that is repeated over and over again.

It’s a simple task that I enjoy partaking in. Yet sometimes I feel that breathing can be a challenge for often in situations people feel the need to remind me to breathe. Yet I also can be guilty for reminding others to breath to during stressful situations.

Funny thing can be the breathing can be also associated with time. How long can you hold your breath? Or I wouldn’t hold my breath as in reference to what time I will be showing up.

Townes Van Zandt  wrote a great song called Lungs. I always have been saying that if I am breathing it’s a good day. I truly believe this because what matters if you are not breathing? I guess in this case bad breath is still good breath.

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3 thoughts on “Breath Of Life | The Daily Post

  1. Thanks, blogging may be me taking a breather. I have to clear my mind before I sit down to start. Often finding the smallest times to write.


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