Is Everything Fake | The Daily Post

Seems these days everything is fake and fake seems to be fashionable. In my opinion everything is made to break nowadays so that would make it fake. Purchasing your look with a credit card that you can’t pay off when the bill arrives is in a way fake.

Does that make me fake. I don’t think so but I have purchased and then paid minimum back on the card. Maybe I am fake but in my world I feel real and sometimes the words that come out of my head are listen to sometimes.

If I think in the sense of politics I have a fake hope that things will get better. But sometimes things just have to be fake to move into another day. I feel that I should not be the one who judges what is real and what is fake. The birds outside don’t mind getting the sunflower seeds from the fake feeders I hung up. So why should I mind what everyone thinks is real or fake.

“Just Look at those damn Cardinials getting its food from those fake feeders. The same ones that the squirrels leach off of. How disgusting says one Robin to another as they slurp down some worms”

What is real anyways?

The picture is just a fake hot dog it was all I could find that I consider fake.


via Fake | The Daily Post

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