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Click was the final sound of the lock as it was shut. Securing the door from anyone entering. Giving that comfort feeling of security inside the home. But security from what? And why? Nothing has never gone missing or even been out of place. No one ever comes over so nothing should need to be hidden. Yet sleep could not happen unless the door is locked. And locked it is.

Sitting on the porch enjoying a cold beer on a very hot day I watch a car drive buy slowly. Inside the car seems to contain a few shady characters. Rough looking with an evil stare as they slowly drive down the street casing the neighborhood. No problem I think as I wait for them to drive by I will get the license plate but the back bumper was dirty and I could not make it out. Obviously done on purpose to keep me from reporting them to police like I do every strange car that comes down this road.

they pull into a driveway a few houses up and back out driving towards me. I was just opening another can of beer so I had to scramble down a description of the vehicle. Black car with four doors with black wheels and tires. I could not make out the make or model because I was starting to get dizzy from the heat and sun I guess. The car pulled out on the main road and I never seen it again for that day.

Later that night as I laid in bed finishing my last beer. I could hear a car driving slow outside and I am sure it is the same vehicle that came by earlier today.  As I leaned up to listen better my beer spilled on the bed and as I cleaned it up I was sure I heard a car door open and close outside in my drive way. Was it my house they were going to rob?

picking up my jeans I fumbled through the pockets and found the keys to the lock. I unlocked the pad lock at the top of the door, then I fumbled thought the key fob and found the one for the door as I was doing this I could hear what sounded like foot steps outside. Fumbling though the key fob again I found the key for the dead bolt. Oh how I swear I heard the screen door open as I found the key inside the heater duct to unlock the lock box mounted under the stairs to the basement. Once I got the lock box open I grab the gun safe key with a strange feeling that I was way to late.

I crept upstairs and started to peer around everything looked in place. I crawled on the floor along the wall to the front window I started to hear scuffing sound around outside then a loud crash and boom. Shaking on the floor I was think doom and gloom but  as I looked out of the blinds it was a raccoons tail that caught my eye. Relieved I was and laughed to myself at the mischief my furry friends were having outside.

I went downstairs and closed the safe returned the key and locked the box. Shutting the door I locked the locks and again it was click the finale sound that give me the security that lets me sleep so sound. But My fluffy friends were making many sounds so I figured it was time to chase them off.

I open the front door and give a yell but there are no raccoons around just a black four door parked in the yard.

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