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I did not think I could write a post for disappointment but then I was going through my pictures and be damned if I don’t take some blurry ones because my eyes don’t always see clearly like they used to. Nothing is worse than a sunny day and you can’t tell if you had the greatest picture yet or some blurry junk until you connect to your computer at home.

But I should be thankful somewhat for we don’t deal with film and going through a lot more work just to discover that my photos was blurry. Then again when I was taking pictures with film I could see great and would not take a blurry picture. With technology these days even a blurry pic can be usable more than before (possibly my opinion).

But that is life with all the great things there always seems to be a little disappointment lying around. Just waiting to bring us down. For this reason alone I pace my time in moments that way I can have a bad moment but never a bad day.

Hope this post is not your disappointing moment for the day.


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3 thoughts on “Eyes Of Disappointment | The Daily Post

  1. I think about why “Blurry” become more and more popular.
    The more people like blurry and then the more application can be used.


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