Crossroads Untold | The Daily Post

It was at the crossroads where I snuck up and put a choke hold on the devil, before even a drop of Robert Johnson’s blood could drip out his finger onto the paper. “Not Today you cloven hoof bastard” I whispered into his ear keeping my choke hold tight until that vipercated tail rested motionless upon the dust and gravel in the center of the crossroads.

“Look like it’s all around your lucky day” I said to Robert who stood there motionless like I took his future from him. “I’m not so sure” he said back. “Sure it is” I said back as I put my boot across the devils neck making sure he couldn’t get a jump on me while I talked with Robert.

“You was going to sell your soul to him for a little fame, but I will take your soul and when you find your fame well I will let you buy it back, at 15% of course. Just think of it as borrowed time.” I said to Robert who was starting to shake with terror, for I think he really thought that old devil was his friend.

via Crossroads | The Daily Post


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