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I never was one to lock my car doors, consider it fate that someone would enter my car and take what they needed. I never really left much in my car worth anything. But it seemed once a month or so someone would rummage through the car and take a few things mostly spare change or the broken head phone I would purposely leave in the car.

My thoughts on this was well at least they did not break a window. Even though the dumb school kid who drank too much and broke a screwdriver in my ignition cost me a few dollars but again at least I did not have to pay for window.

What really burned me though was when they took my ski mask from the car. Now if they left it at a bank robbery, murder or other crime my DNA could be found. Not good I thought. What was worse though is I was going to have to stick up this savings and loan with just a ball cap so I could get cash to replace the lost ski mask.

Rule of thumb I thought was you should never mess with someones living. Yet you take the one thing that brought me security to my life of crime.

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