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Below is what I originally wrote for obstacles. Then I was sitting in 5 Guys today after getting my medical release papers to return to work and my boss called me erasing all obstacles or fears of the unknown almost making me beg to return to work. A few people in life are worth working for and she is one. I truly am blessed with my work family. As I hope everyone can be.

Never ending are the obstacles that arise before me. Some are concurred quickly while others have to be planned around and taken on in small portions till they evaporate into short term memory.

Unlike before major obstacle for adventure comes down to funding, since the family size has increased so does the need for comfort. Now research and a little planning need to be involved. Will it cost more to fly or can the kids handle being in the car that long? How much time do we have? Hotels become a factor the days of just sleeping in the car seem to have left me.

Yet I still find that money is not required if I can afford a few tanks of gas then it is adventure on. Just open the map and let the kids pick what direction we go. Who really cares right? Out of the house and off the couch, what can go wrong?

Thinking about the past when caring about anything did not happen it seemed the only obstacles came in the form of law enforcement. Always seemed to be showing up when things were just getting good. Could only imagine that if you were a criminal your obstacle ratio would increase drastically.

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