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It must be the curve of the earth that I am always chasing. People ask me how far are you going and I say just beyond the curve yet I never stop so what curve could I chasing.

Forward never straight is another travel expression. A slightly boring one though for if you are on an adventure it usually seems that a curve will help the experience in one way or the other.

Drive highway 50 across Nevada. This alone should prove my point. After what seems like hours of staring at another set of headlights off in the distance that occasionally disappear from the slight curves of dips in the road reappear and finally pass sending you back into total stress less solitude again. Now you can return to focusing on the road and not have to imagine what kind of disaster is driving towards you.

With curves come responsiblity for paying attention and judging your speed. If you enjoy driving you probably find yourself starting high attacking the curve low and returning to the high side leaving the curve feeling impressed with yourself and ready to take on another and another. But then there is the other style with no style what so ever. Hit your breaks before the curve yet go into the curve trusting your stock suspension that has never been worked on can handle the full load of the curve. A happy feeling you get when you exit the curve yet still stressed because there will be more to come. Once out of the curve you notice that cars frantically want to pass you before the next set of curves because after the first one they assume you can’t turn into a parking lot without stopping on the road or possible you are smoking and texting between beers.

No matter what for me it’s always interesting beyond the curve out in the unknown. The place where true adventure starts. A spot that I will always chase like curves of the body always interesting, always craved, but not always achivable. Yet the chase goes on.IMG_4993

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6 thoughts on “Just Beyond The Curve | The Daily Post

  1. Curves are fun. I had a favorite road along the shore in Washington state that nothing but curves. It was also a favorite for motorcycle riders. Madrona Way near Coupeville, WA. 🙂


  2. really splendid take on “curves” – reminds me of my driving habit that i’ll do the speed limit on the straight ways (yeah, i’m one of those drivers) but as soon i start into a curve i start accelerating (unconsciously) so that i whip out of it doing ten, fifteen mph over the speed limit. don’t know what that says about me…


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