Empathy Of Karma

I have done a lot of crazy things and enjoyed most of them. I feel they were all minor things and my relationship with Karma should be a good one.Karma for me is what keeps me afloat. When I am thinking about doing something wrong I start thinking about the longterm. You know getting to see my kids during visiting hours. Not that I am planning on knocking off any 7-11 or anything but I like to paint a big picture.

But you could think of it this way. Maybe you give a junkie some cash and because of your actions he doesn’t break into my house and takes all my belongings to feed the habit. Now you may not think much of it but my friend Karma here is paying attention. So maybe someday your broke down on the side of the road and I fix your car. I know my friends would laugh at that because my car fixing skills suck. But I can change a tire and recently learned about batteries.

Example of my mechanical skills

Once my cousin and I laid under the truck staring at the transmission because the truck would not move and we were out in the middle of the woods so it would have been a little bit of a walk back to the house. Then my other cousin still sitting in the truck hollered out “Hey guy’s it’s in neutral gear”.  We hoped in and sure enough the transfer case was in neutral. I just wonder how much longer we would have laid under there looking up.

Sometime I feel that there is no wrongful death for your path may have finally caught up with you. I am not saying it’s not wrong that you died but did you really live your life helping everyone around you or did you ignore everything but yourself.

And for the record I am still trying to figure out cancer I do not believe that has anything to do with Karma. It could be our evolution from industry. I will just leave it saying it doesn’t fit in our society right now.

I may have a few years of ignoring everything, but somewhere between magic mushrooms and marriage an inner demon has dissolved from my life. Don’t get me wrong friends when we get together we will still burn the town down, but it might just be for a night. Not a weekend or weeks like we used to. A night of bad Karma seems pretty easy to redeem myself on later.

Yet Karma may date back many life’s for me and could be possible that I burned a village or two just for the lack of sour goat milk or the hangover from it. Not saying that I did anything wrong or but again I am no angel and for some freak deal after thinking I paid my dues my ankle is broke and I’m going on my fifth month of laying around trying to figure this stuff out.

I will say when you can’t move and do much your (maybe just Mine) can get pretty heavy. Luckily I have a support team around me at all times. But blogging was the biggest game changer for me because not only could I think it I could write it too. It is like emptying the garbage can inside my head and reliving the great moment over again.

Now though I have been able to move around and so will have to return to the real working world again. At the same time this real work just handed me and 7 others a blank canvas the size of a museum to spice up the place. Talk about Karma working its way back to me. Makes me wonder what the hell I did right.


One thought on “Empathy Of Karma

  1. Great to get it out and to understand the depths of your ideas, thoughts etc. Drill this one into your mind….your work will be better than ever now as you have jumped up a few levels with this blog at hand.


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