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Music makes walls and breaks walls. Creates hatred in some and makes friendship in others. No matter what music changes everything and everything changes with music. Music gives feeling to days that we could have lived without or walks us through times we have doubts. Jan08 436 (1)

Don’t matter what you like or who you like! To me it matters that you like. Be yourself in your own world and let the music take you there. Now days music is easy to find no more paying with antennas to find that station playing the greats, Wolfgang today consist of food. And I will say it like I always say it what happened to Disco? If you can’t have fun with that then maybe you need help.

I know where I was when Elvis died as well as Prince. I remember records and the stores that sold them. How about GrandMaster Flash, or Slayer for some. Still rocking Elton along with listening to the Piano Man.  Hip Hop was great but gangster rap stole my heart as did Punk Rock that I will love for life.Picture 265

And what would we do without the Beetles. Where would we be if they did not take a chance and change the lives of people around them. Then the Stones who still play on stage. Oh bring on the cocaine and lets call it a day.

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