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Ok I have been slaking a bit with my daily post but I have returned to the working world and though that may seem like a bad thing I myself am very happy to go back. Maybe it is because I only work a few days a week so it really feels like I do not participate in the whole thing of work but this is a brand new gig so I will be occupied with learning new equipment and formulas to make great product (I will never say really what I do).

So as I spent today with my wife and the twins. We went for a drive to a new spot and I took 3 photo’s that in away I feel show abandonment and hope at the same time. But this maybe only how I see it.

I see the old pilings deteriorating and in no kind of shape to serve a purpose that is hinting to me that at one time something docked here then I see a park bench that doesn’t look welcoming to a passerby yet I feel that the geese hanging around have hope that no one will want to hang out and disturb them so they may have a good chance and raising a family.

I made sure I was far enough in the distance not to disturb them. I myself could have sat here and watched life pass by.

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