Beach Season Starts Soon | The Daily Post

Parking lots have been dug out and picnic tables are set up. The place seems deserted except for a few fishermen and occasional joggers. Though it may seem dead life is about to start here as the sun warms this part of the planet you will not find a parking spot or a place to sit on this beach.

Not to far off the Coast Guard will bring in the Cutter and people will flock to see, kids running around and party’s day and night. If you’re a member of the American Legion it a great view to watch people from.

Motor homes will come and fill up the park. BBQ and picnics and food of all sorts. Police and ranger will have their hands full as everyone embarks on an adventure of their own.

Soon again it will cool as winds blow across the water people will leave and gates will close the haven for some will be a haven for others. Must be why Grand Haven is the town that encompasses this beach.

via Beach | The Daily Post


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