Growing In The Shadow | The Daily Post

Every year I forget what parts of the garden gets the most shadows from the trees. Then  I start paying attention to the shadows on the ground. even though it’s a bit premature for the leaves on the trees are not full grown so the shade changes. Plus given the fact that the sun will rise in a different spot also changes things. Yet I sit and watch planing where the hot spots will be and what I will plant there. Also I look to see the area’s that receive the most shade and think about what plants will go there.

Never the less I enjoy watching the shadows and at the end of a long day my shadow itself lays across the ground reminding me its time to soon lay down. I have included a few pictures of the plants that are waiting to be planted.

via Shadow | The Daily Post

7 thoughts on “Growing In The Shadow | The Daily Post

    1. I am glad you liked it after I took the photo I thought it was not clear enough but I was lazy and I put the plants in because of the cold night so I just went with it.


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