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Years ago survival was key to success. Today survival is a ticket to a reality show. Most people put faith into what they travel in yet won’t take the time to assess the risk of the travel. Most things it seems today can’t survive without help from something else. Like plants need water.

Years ago before antifreeze was put in radiators you could always drink the water out of the radiator if you were stranded. Now you can pull out your phone and call for help. But what if you are out of range and its 20 below snowing and blowing. Are you going to leave your car to walk? Only to be found naked in the spring. What if the water is no good at your house are you going to wait till someone drops you off clean water?

Can you cook? Fast food is never around during survival times. That is unless your survival consist of pan handling in the urban off ramps of life. Knowing what you can and can’t eat can save your life. Look at the powers of salt it’s not just for flavor enhancing.

Not that it matters as I don’t want to lecture you but if you are driving across that dry desert ground you may want to pack some extra water in the car. If you break down travel at night when it is cooler. If you run out of water suck on a rock it will help. In the end though when you can’t go any farther lie on your stomach so at least the birds can’t suck the water out of your eyes while you are still breathing. Just a tip!

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