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Faced with some close to freezing temperatures tonight I am postponing the planting that I had planned. But I have been having visions of cucumbers and peppers growing along with juicy tomato’s and squash. raspberry’s and strawberry’s along with blueberry sprout flashes through my mind.

IMG_1926 (1)It will happen and it won’t be long my brain shows me eating peas and carrots with beans and potato’s. Along with this will be all kinds of greens with basil and cabbage. Herbs are growing as we speak to spice up the BBQ’s in the coming weeks. Asparagus is up but needs another year yet I have visions of harvesting it for dinners to eat. Soon in my visions I see I will run out of room for fresh onions to hang. It will never be done for canning will come to supply winter life with fresh things to eat.

I must go for my visions have me sold its time to eat, just not garden treats. Tonight I will take my plants inside to protect them from possible frost. I will repeat this cycle for a few more days then in the ground they will go for I think this will be the last close to frozen we see this year.

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