It’s Not Bloody Healthy | The Daily Post

Ok I know the saying be healthy now or pay for it later. Really I try to live up to this remain active and keep the blood flowing.

So maybe when your friend picks you up to play a few rounds of Keno and drink a couple of beers and have some good healthy conversation. I should try to limit it to that. Not bounce from this place to that place and consume great amounts of beer, close the place down and find yourself smoking cigarettes with the staff in the illegal card room in the back of the place. Why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to place a few bets on upcoming events since every bookie in town is waiting for his next card. Only to shuffle off to Casino’s to experience the legal side of gambling.

In the end when the sun is rising you are pushed out of a car into a lawn that you hope your paying the bank note on. Rising to your feet smelling the cigs and booze but knowing a shower will not do. Get inside and relieve yourself of the night before, proud of yourself that you made it all the way home and did not mess up your rides car.

Off to bed you go to a black nap that is never enough and a pain accompanied by a ring in your head, lights are bright and you feel dead. Getting up again and stumble around eating any easy snacks that lay around. As you waste the day away piecing the pictures in your head back together you find that really only one thing will bring you back again.

It’s funny that it happens to be a Sunday coming down.

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