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It’s those words that send a chill up my spine. Knowing damn well I have known idea of the person who is saying “Hey Buddy” to me. Always in some shape or form a request or favor is soon to be asked.

Now it depends on my personal mood how I respond but you never know you could walk off with a wad of cash (on occasions I handed out what I though was a few bills turning out to be a few hundred never hand out money after drinking) or get cussed out for talking to me.

Hey Buddy tells me right off the bat that you do not know me, so defence system kicks in and responds usually in a rude fashion. Now of course there is the exception of an elderly person then Hey Buddy means I could use a little help and by all means I would go out of my way to help hoping I can catch a story about the good old days.

My friends of course would never call the Buddy. Usually it would be a nick name of the use of vulgar language or just my name. Doesnt really matter what you call me I will respond to all if you are a friend. But Buddy is as bad as being called Dude.

I guess the one that gets my attention the best is “Yo Man”. I don’t know why but it makes me listen. Plus if I don’t know a persons name it my phrase of choice. Of course if I am saying Yo Man it would go like this ” Yo Man, you dropped your phone” and I would keep walking and usually I hear the words “Thanks Buddy”. Ahhh you can’t win.

All and All it’s just about how I react in public around people I don’t know. My kids are my true buddy’s. Looking for a picture to use in this post I was reminded what good buddy’s we are. Life is good.

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