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It’s the homogenizer that keeps me pensive these day’s yet its just work so we are not going to talk about mixing and milling just yet

How about the wild life photographer, that has me pensive these days considering that I think the birds or animals know when I am going to take a picture and never stay still long enough. They also understand the lack of range I get from my lens and stay just far enough out.

Oh how a good photographer must feel when they have the equipment and the time to wait it out. I on the other hand look at my pics and dream about getting a better one. Like if I am out with no camera the critters practically come to petted by me. Once the camera arrives though it all goes back to hiding, moving and running away from me.

I envy all of the wild life pictures I see other people take. If you get a good wildlife picture you better be having a good day because some of us can’t quite get it. Of course it doesn’t help that I was out to take pictures of plants and these birds wanted to temp me into taking their picture knowing it was still to dark to speed up my shutter speed. Guess I could have increased the ISO.

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