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“Oh I can sing” were the words out my mouth when told I was going to do Karaoke. Of course it is not really true but it does bring back the memories of me and my life of singing. Singing for me was started after I realized that I was not the best Break dancer in the neighborhood and I could not settle for second place so I started working on a wide rage of music

First was Jr. High talent show where I lip synced Exodus song Bonded By Blood. No stage fright what so ever but that could have been from the hash I smoked with friends in the parking lot. Noticed after my performance that parents were not impressed by my performance so I figured for sure that I nailed it. Yet I was not picked up by any major labels and no recording contracts came from this deal.

Then after years of bombarding stages and getting what ever words I could squeak out before diving off the stage to avoid the goon squad of bouncers. I realized that maybe I needed to start smaller in this singing world.

So there I was sitting in the Monty Carlo bar (want to be redneck joint) after a day of drinking with a friend and some guy we picked up at a bus stop. Friend was picked up by his soon to be ex wife (possible because we did this all the time). So it was just me and stranger. Well all in all we thought it would be funny to sing Funky Kol Medina. Yeah you know the one by Tone Loc. That itself lasted just a few word before the crown turned on us. We made a break for the car and I remember driving off with the mic still in my hand.

Ok Karaoke was done. I had to settle for the working world with the rest of the uneducated back breaking bums in the world. Totally sucked to have to work hard to support a life of fast  living on a budget, “Baller on a Budget” as we call it.

Yet after all the years of rejection and pain. I still find myself singing those classic songs as I hear them. My kids seem to love them and hopefully that is not because I only buy them toys if they like my singing and let me win when we have a dance off. Long story short you can create your own fan base. In my case (with the help of my wife) I made my fan base. Now singing and dancing have never been so fun and it feels like where ever I go I travel with my own entourage. Nothing can keep me down.

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