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First thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Phase is electricity. Now this is because of work but I am not an electrician. It’s just that I work with a team of people who believe having a safe working environment is to learn about electricity, since everything I work with has an electrical motor attached. Even this doesn’t mean that I will ever be dealing with the stuff or I should say fixing anything electrical. Really in short it means to me is “Lock Out Tag Out” and call the proper people to come work on the equipment so we can all live to see another day. Anything after the electricity we work on ourselves (HPO).

Needless to say electricity is not a Phase it’s a part of my life. Breakdancing was a Phase as was many other things in my life. I still love most hip hop and every other sort of music just as much as  I enjoy watching people breakdance these days so part of a phase became part of my life. Kinda similar to the electricity story, because of a phase I learned and grew becoming more diversified in my life.

So whether if it’s just a phase in your life enjoy it embrace it and take something away from it. Someday you can sit back and tell someone about your Phase. If you are haveing so much fun in this Phase make it a way of life.

Life is good!

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