Countless Creativity Taken With A Grain of Salt | The Daily Post

Not often do I consider my opinion to matter so when I say things that sound opinionated you should take them with a grain of salt. Also I am just trying to fit two daily prompts and a word I been meaning to write about into one post. Last night I was having so much fun with the kids that I skipped my time to blog.

So Creativity everyone has it in some shape or form as it has been proven though time. Just look at the countless creations that inspire us everyday. If you open your eyes and look around you should be able to find some kind of beauty. Whether it is mental or physical it is there getting it out is another challenge in its own self as is reactions of others who may or may not view your creativity the same as you do.

Take Graffiti for example so view it as destruction yet it is possible if they looked at it as art first they could see the beauty in it. Now of course there is some terrible graffiti and I feel that kind of ruins it for the good stuff that is out there. Like they say one bad apple spoils the bunch.

Being in a creative state kind just means letting yourself be free. Express yourself and don’t worry about what people think. I my opinion (Grain of Salt) the worst critic are also the ones who don’t express themselves. And that’s ok maybe they tried to express themselves once and was shutdown by another bad critic. Hopefully they will realize that life is too short to be held down by rules and backward thinking.

Failing is living just as much as success so let yourself go and get creative with your life. Live positive and encourage and promote those around you. Open and Honest. On the other hand if you are expecting that people will like what you have done you maybe setting yourself up for Failure.

Now lets talk about idea a very good friend of mine printed this sticker out years ago and mine sits on the back of my guitar case that sits collecting dust. I see this word everyday and think whats a new idea for today (usually in reference to art) and go from there.

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