Pre Memorial Weekend

The phone rang, friend was stranded needed a ride. I’m on my way usual answer for any of my friends in a tough spot. It was starting to be Memorial weekend I did not have any plans except maybe walking up and down Airport Way stopping and every bar and having plenty to drink. Having an unplanned moment seemed better anyway’s.

Off I headed to Bellingham to the address I was told to go to. I show up and my friend is there partying with four others. Cool I thought and joined right in. We chit chatted for an hour or so then needed to get going. I was going to drive him about six hours east.

If I remember right we moved over the pass without stopping but once on the other side decided it was time to have a few. Stopping off at the Clearwater bar we sat at a table and watched the band play. About the same time a girl in really high heels decided to dance on our table. Could not object and damn could she dance. Never even spilled a drop out of our drinks. Of course we tried to chat with her but she was just in the groove and never said a word. Later when the place closed she sat on the bench just outside the front door looking like she had no ride.

No we did not give her a ride. We were already behind schedule now with this stop. Not thinking clearly at this point I cannot remember the reason why we took the road on the other side of the river. I am sure it was a stupid one. But as we were driving I remember wanting to pee. At the same time we were going into a tunnel and decided we could knock peeing in a tunnel off our bucket list. Finishing up we hope back in the van and take off laughing at each other of course and soon as we leave the tunnel a cop drives in going the other way. I don’t know how he missed two puddles about a cars width apart in the middle of the road but he never turned around.

Soon enough both of us were too tired to drive any more so we pulled into a state park and I slept in the van and my friend slept outside on a picnic table. Early in the morning we took off again and with in two hours we were at our destination. Of course we were in party mode so we just kept on going till the next morning when we decided we were going to hit the party in the mountains.

Gathering the things that we came for, we said our goodbyes and headed on down the road. Just before we were about to turn up the hill to our destination. We stopped for gas.


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