Orderly Parenting (Not) | The Daily Post

Getting projects done around the house right now and keeping the kids out of the street could be compared to playing Russian Roulette with a Spud Gun.

Finally you get them down for a nap and you feel that you could use a nap yourself. Then you realize this it’s your chance to get a few things done in some kind of Orderly fashion.

Yet your plan is out of whack and you are focused on just about everything as you trip and stumble over trikes, scooters, bikes, dump trucks and sidewalk chalk. No not the chalk you big jerk how will you get the shopkins drawn if you crush the chaulk.

Steady and fast you reshape what is left of the chalk and place it back in the box. Sweep up the evidence that you even stepped on it and move on to the task at hand. Then you hear the stirring of kids inside the house.

Your task time is over for now you need to cook as each little mouth wants something different. You hold back the urge to say go play in the street.

Believe it or not. I wake up to do this again and again because it sure beats what I was doing before.

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